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Trinity's vision for the future- Trinity's mission is simple: Connecting people to God and one another. From her position at the heart of the city, Trinity seeks to become a servant and resource to the community, linking people and resources in urban mission and service to God. In short, it will be a ministry where people connect, serve and celebrate.


A vision for outreach and evangelism

Cleveland's cultural make-up continues to change. People from Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East increasingly call Cleveland home. Opportunities to share the gospel are greater than ever and all around us--if we can find effective methods to bridge these cultural boundaries. At the city's center, nationalities and languages intersect--it's a location rich with diversity and ideal for multi-cultural ministry efforts that touch more neighborhoods, families, and hearts for Christ. Cleveland-area Lutherans working together in local mission are the keys to such efforts. Trinity will gather and equip these people as Trinity plants no less than five new multi-cultural congregations over the next 25 years.


A vision for urban social ministry

Service to the materially and spiritually poor has always been a part of Trinity's mission. Expanding that ministry to create an independent non-profit Christian organization is Trinity's goal for the future. Through this organization, Trinity will show those in need of immediate care the eternal love and grace of Jesus Christ. Ministry efforts will include, but not be limited to:

Educational/scholastic ministry = Food and hot meal programs = Crisis counseling = Mobile community medical unit = Pregnancy counseling = Temporary shelters = Job training/counseling


A vision for citywide Lutheran worship and praise

Trinity's beautiful and historic sanctuary is a priceless piece of history in Cleveland. In her, many people find their roots in the family of God. As a regional gathering place of worship and fellowship, Trinity offers unique opportunities for celebration, including:

Lectures and educational series = Requiems, memorials and special observances = Concerts and musical and artistic events = Historical celebrations

If this vision and ministry interests you or you'd like to know more about Trinity Lutheran Church and its plan to build hope in the city, contact us at 216.281.1700 or

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scheduled at
mutually convenient time
(day/evening, weekday/weekend).

"We pull out all the stops" For an introduction to the Beckerath and the world of the organ, we offer this unique program.

It's tailored to the group's size and interests, and it provides a fascinating behind-the-scenes exploration of the organ, including a narrated demonstration, a short concert, and a visit at the console.

Whether or not your group has any familiarity with the organ or with classical music, you will find this program fascinating.

Informal programs are designed for children.

"On request" Other special programs are also available.

To schedule a program...or for more information:
call 216.281.1700 or e-mail us via and we will call you!

Be sure to include your name, organization (if any), and a phone number where we can reach you, either day or evening.

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