Kevin and Desley Brown

Modern folk on piano and guitar

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Something Real
by Kevin Brown, © 2001
Six Years and a Few Guitars

Been halfway round this world or so, and now I'm back in town
And after all I've seen I must admit there's much more to be found

'Cause lives lived here are not their own it seems, everybody's torn
One half breathes the air of make-believe, the other cries forlorn
Comedy, emotions on display, stealing time endlessly
But I will not become a tragedy of life
And I refuse to let the movies dream for me

Oh, give me somthing real
Enduring and eternal, beyond just what I feel
Oh, is there something real beyond these walls that I can follow
Something real

Seeking common ground with all these stragers in our midst
A chemical good time
And substituting for our loneliness, anything we find

Wrap my world in virtual and trivia, keep me ever entertained
So I never have to wonder what I'm doing here
Or face the voices in my brain
Saying oh, give me something real...

Well I've made idols out of broken glass, and worshipped things of gold
Always hoping that they would outlast the fire in my soul
If there are promises that will be kept
If there is love that will not fade
I will not find it with my own dim eyes
Stand with me as I pray


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