Kevin and Desley Brown

Modern folk on piano and guitar

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by Kevin Brown, © 2001
Six Years and a Few Guitars

He sits alone tonight, and ponders all she's said
And tries to quiet the voices down that keep ringing in his head
She turned his world around, and shattered all he's known
And either way they go tonight it's gonna be a long way home

I can't be everything I always wanted, pride and fear I can't deny
At times it feels I'm watching all I ever wanted
Slipping right before my eyes

She takes a pill tonight to take away the pain
And prays that when she wakes tomorrow she'll face a better day
Is it all about redemption, is it all about release
Trying to find the one thing in this world to give you peace

You promised me a better way
a triumph o'er the mess we've made
I'm covered by the death you gave
And I am wanting to be saved

And now your grace is raining down like holy water
Into the mystery of my life
And I can feel this baggage that I never wanted
Slipping right before my eyes


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