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Calling All Musical Talent

Are you in a garage band?  A worship team?  A folk duo?  A polka ensemble?  We're looking for musical groups to fill out our Labor Day Weekend Lutherpoolooza fundraising music event.  Legendary speedwood group Lost & Found is our headliner act at the end of the day, but we have a whole afternoon open for other musicians to add to the fun.  We're hoping to have a wide variety of groups, so don't be afraid if your'e worried that your music doesn't fit the mold. 

If you think you'd like to help us celebrate and raise some money, just send us a demo (CD or tape, studio recorded or do-it-yourself) to the address below.  It doesn't have to be anything fancy - just give us an idea of what you sound like.  Feel free to pass the word to friends or other musicians you know who might be interested.  If you have other questions, feel free to email bands@lutherpoolooza.net or kwagonfield@hotmail.com. 

Please email bands@lutherpoolooza.net for the CD submission address.

The Fine Print

1.      Since this is a fundraising event, we can't pay anyone for playing.  But we do hope to have a couple hundred people in the audience, and musicians may sell their own CDs (if they have them), so it's still worth your time to join us.

2.      Submissions must be received by July 31st to be considered in the first round of selection.  This does not mean that you still can't get in after July 31 - if we still have open slots after that date, we'll accept late submissions.  But have your demo in by July 31 to ensure that you get considered in the first round.

3.      Submissions will be judged on overall musical quality, variety (relative to the other acts), poise, and style.

4.      We're looking for groups that can fill at least a hour time slot (slots may be longer depending on how many acts we get).  If you don't feel that your group has enough material for that amount of time, please withhold your submission.

5.      Please keep in mind that this is a Christian music festival.  That doesn't mean that every song has to talk about Jesus, but we do expect that the content of the music will be morally and spiritually appropriate for a Christian family event.

LutherPoolooza 2004