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Christmas Letter 2005


Merry Christmas!

Happy New Year to you all! 2005 was an eventful year for us. It is hard to believe all that has come to pass. We have seen the hand of God in hard times and times of joy.

In January Des traveled to Australia to be with her family, as her Dad was diagnosed with end stage Amyloidosis, a rare disease similar to cancer. She stayed nearly 8 weeks, during which time her dad passed away. It was a beautiful and tragic time. Kevin joined her towards the end, days before dad died. We count it such a blessing that the trip was possible for both of us. And though sad, it was the right time. Isaiah 57: "The righteous are taken away to be spared from evil. Those who walk uprightly enter into peace". Dad was so sick, it was a mercy that God took him home.

Desley's Family Together in Bundaberg

Perhaps also, the Lord took him home so he could keep a good eye on the progress of some one else special. On March 21st our newly adopted son was born in Mazetenango, Guatemala. Aptly, we first met him and brought him home on Thanksgiving weekend in late November. The wait was long, but worth it. His name is Samuel Martin Brown.

Newborn Samuel

Kevin & Des meeting Sam in Guatemala

We started the process Oct 2004, so it has been a wonderful thing to finally have him with us. He is such a happy and contented boyÖfull of curiousity, and quickly necessitating full baby proofing of our home. He eats like a champ, is strong as an ox and above average height and weight. We have been very blessed with friends and family who have given us many wonderful gifts for SamÖ.most of what we needed to set things up for him. Although, in the spirit of true childhood simplicity, his favorite toys are still his stainless steel bowl, rubber duck and cardboard of any description.

Sam with a favorite toy

Could he be any cuter?

We have continued to pursue music with Searchlight and as a duo (and made a new Searchlight Demo CD). Kevinís job took him to Germany and China again this year. Des continued on as an OT until Sam arrived, and now just subs occasionally (if we can rig it up with Grandma Brown or Amy - a good friend). We've pushed on in the home-improvement department as well. In addition to redoing the kitchen & living room floor, and getting Sam's room ready for him, we tore down the old shed:

Des works out her aggression.

And painted our new shed:

Could he be any cuter?

And planted our first garden:

It's the great eggplant of the world!

We have also had a special visit this year. Desí mum, sister (Rach) and Brother in Law (Colin) were with us for Christmas and to see the New Year in. It was marvelous to introduce them to SamÖ and to a Cleveland winter. It is very different from their tropical home. We wrapped them and Sam up like Eskimos, and they were shoveling snow, snow shoeing (tobogganing in Samís case) and just walking outside.

Rachel & Colin

Des' Mum tries her hand at shoveling.

In terms of extended family/friends news: the New Year heralds the coming of two new cousins for Sam. Desí sister Rach and Kevinís sister Karen are both due in June. Kevinís Brother Scott and his wife Clara will visit soon on their way through to Boston. Desí other sister Jo and her husband Scott are possibly visiting in March as Scott is being sent to DC on Business. Watermark and New Vision Reunions are coming up too.

Not too much more to add about this year. Wishing you our friends and family many blessings. May you have the wisdom to see the hand of God in your journey and the courage to trust in Him.

With love, Des, Kevin and Sam

Snug & happy here in Mentor.


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